Ship performance monitoring systems (EF > 1)

The precise knowledge of the performances of a ship, the fuel consumptions in different environmental and operational conditions as well as the deviation of these performances from suitable ideal reference values is of vital importance for ship owners. 

In this regard, Interprogetti Genoa has developed a product allowing the achievement of these goals (EF > 1) in an extremely simple and cheap way.

This ship performance monitoring system would allow to:

– Assess the speed-power relationship during sea trials and daily operations

– Assess and predict the ship performances in terms of speed and fuel consumption at different drafts/displacements and environmental conditions (Beaufort and sea state)

– Monitor the actual performances of the ship and to assess possible hull/propeller/Main Engine/Aux Engine issues each one separately from other. 

Interprogetti Genova has been always dealing with research works with the aim of conceiving products of interest for the reference markets and taking care to characterize the conceived devices with “effectiveness factor” (“EF”) higher than 1 as much a s possible. Click here and discover more research and development work.