NAVAL ARCHITECT (0-5 years’ experience)

As a part of our team you will develop new feasibility studies, basic design of new buildings, design of ship’s conversions and you will carry out engineering activities by means of dedicated software (structural assessments, stability calculation, hydrodynamics etc.). You will also develop and supervise the realization of 3D and 2D drawings of new projects and you will conduct different types of surveys on board of ships.

 – Master’s Degree in Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering

– Previous working experience (0-5 years) is preferrable but not strictly required
– Good knowledge of English language
– Availability to travel in Italy and abroad for short periods
– Flexibility to follow different projects at the same time
If you are interested please send your CV at together with a short introduction letter. 


Students are always welcome to carry out an internship at Interprogetti Genova. If you want to propose you own project to be developed with a team of naval architects or if you want to join our team for an internship, please feel free to send us your CV explaining your studies and providing some details of the project you want to develop (if you already have it).