Genoa propulsion project (EF = 1.2 ÷ 1.5)

Genoa Propulsion Project deals with a number of technologies and devices, including partially submerged propellers, combined together for improving performances and for obtaining substantial reductions of fuel consumptions, CO2 emissions, noise and vibrations on conventional displacing ships (expected EF = 1.2 ÷ 1.5 depending upon the considered performances).

It has been fully conceived and developed by Interprogetti Genoa office where Genoa stands also for Green, Efficient, Noiseless, Odd and Advanced.

Likewise the work done with the partly submerged propellers, no details of this research work can be disclosed here because of various confidential agreements signed with different partners involved in this matter.

However, it is considered noteworthy to highlight that the research includes several tests with ship models as well as experimental investigations aiming to assess the effectiveness of various devices, one of which, for instance, includes a system capable of carrying out the underwater cleaning of the ship propeller while the ship is at anchor or moored alongside a pier. This system has to be fitted inside the steering gear compartment and has been conceived to work unattended.

Here below there are photos showing the result of 16 hours treatment on a scrap propeller immersed in sea water, whose initial conditions were particularly critical. The good results obtained by this experiment make us believe to be on a good path.

Interprogetti Genova has been always dealing with research works with the aim of conceiving products of interest for the reference markets and taking care to characterize the conceived devices with “effectiveness factor” (“EF”) higher than 1 as much a s possible. Click here and discover more research and development work.