EEXI Calculation

EEXI – the IMO regulations introducing the EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index ) is representing a big nightmare for many Ship Owners. The EEXI is nothing else than an extension of the EEDI (valid for new buildings) but, unfortunately, it shall be applicable to the majority of the existing ship regardless the age, notation , class etc.

So far Interprogetti Genova has carried out a number of calculations for different ship Owners and the results are basically in line with the expectations: many ships, regardless the type, are not in compliance. What to do? What to suggest to the Owners? Of course, engine power limitations appear to be the fastest and simplest way to fulfill the requirements, however, other corrective actions (alone or in combination with engine power limitation) can be useful.

Such actions can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by our team in order to assess the most cost-effective way to be in compliance.

Furthermore, since an essential parameter for determining the attained EEXI is the reference speed of the vessel, Interprogetti Genova can provide also CFD calculations or assistance to perform official sea trials to determine the performances of those ships whose results are not available.

If you want to know more or you want to evaluate the energy efficiency index of your vessels please contact us.